We have scheduled upcoming maintenance to install updates that will improve both the safety and stability of our systems. The maintenance and updates will require that our servers be rebooted, possibly several times, which will result in some downtime for your websites .

Unfortunately we are unable to specify an exact time when our server may experience downtime, but we are able to provide you with the details of the maintenance window. Please view the maintenance window below:

Maintenance Window:  on between 21.02.2018 to 22.02.2018   11.00 PM to 1.30 AM .

Our server will be running and accessible during most of the maintenance window timeframe, but will become inaccessible when the maintenance is being performed on your specific server. The downtime is likely to last between 1-2 hour at a time, and may occur multiple times during the timeframe above.

We have chosen to perform the maintenance at a time when it is likely to affect you the least, and we are adamant about keeping downtime as minimal as we possible. It is suggested that you perform a preliminary reboot of our server before the first maintenance window above, to ensure that our server boots properly and all necessary services start automatically. This will protect yourself from additional downtime due, to a configuration error on the server side.

We appreciate your understanding and patience while we update our systems
to better serve you.
Please contact us using the information below, if you have any questions or concerns:
email:   support@hamarahosting.com


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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