What is the difference between POP3 and IMAP?


    POP (post office protocol) and IMAP (internet message access protocol) are both incoming email protocols which allow you to get access to your emails. By using these protocols you can download your mails and access them. Though these two allows you to access emails, there is a huge difference between them.

     Most of us have doubt regarding which protocol to use to access mails from multiple devices and third party Email client. In this regard IMAP is mostly suggested and is also the better option among the two.

     With IMAP most importantly, you can login and view the Emails at any time from different devices unless you delete them. Most of the people prefer IMAP over POP3 as there is no need to carry your mail client along with you everywhere.

     Whereas POP3 also have few advantages i.e. you can get offline access to your old mails also and this type of protocol is mostly useful to people who hardly use other devices to check their mails  

  • Difference between POP3 and IMAP

       Let us know in brief about the two i.e. POP3 and IMAP and their differences.    



  •  You can only use one computer to check your emails and the mails directly get stored in your PC. You cannot check mails on multiple devices.
  •  you can check you emails using multiple devices like laptops, desktops, tablet, smart phone, mobiles and others and this feature of IMAP is very useful now a days
  • In POP3, in order to read the mails, the mail should be downloaded on your computer first.
  •  In IMAP there is no such rule, the mails can be checked directly and the mails get stored on the server  
  • when you send a mail, it get stored on your computer directly.
  •  The sent mails also are stored on the server and you can check them at any time from multiple devices.
  •  The mails get deleted automatically after downloading on to your computer and the mail will be removed from your mail box.
  •  The mails are always stored on the server and you can view them unless you delete them.
  •  In POP3 your client mail account is not synced with mail server
  •  IMAP is a protocol which always syncs with mail server.
  •  In POP3, the users cannot make any changes to their mail boxes on a mail server.
  •  One can make changes in their mail server and the changes also appear in web mail inbox
  •  POP3 is the recent improvised version of POP and it has limitations
  •  IMAP has some extra useful features and more powerful when compared to POP3
  •  In POP3, the users can not organise their mails in the mail box of mail server
  •  they can organise their mails on the server.


     Hamara hosting is one of the leading web hosting service provider and we offer on time services and 24/7 monitoring to our clients. We at Hamara hosting provide both POP3 and IMAP protocol services to the customers according to their needs and requirements.    

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