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Terms and Conditions

Hamara Hosting’s Terms and Conditions

Before accepting our proposal please do allot your valuable time in reading our TOS given below. Recent misuse of our services has compelled us to take action against the violating clients and also lay down a few terms and conditions.

We own the sole rights to discontinue the services or deny access to anyone who fails to comply with the rules implemented by us, without any warning or prior notice. The payment received from the violating parties in such cases are also non refundable.

Terms and conditions to be followed
  • The visitors of this website are not permitted to use this site for illegal purposes or for the terms prohibited.
  • Misuse of the allotted space, bandwidth are prohibited and penalty will be charged.
  • Misuse of bandwidth will lead a client to be entitled for lesser bandwidth in future or account would be suspended or deleted.
  • Any illegal activity detected on the website will lead to sealing of the same by us immediately.
  • Intentionally hacking or sending virus to our server by a client will see the account suspended.
  • Customers are advised to maintain their own data backups on their home computers or CD’s to ensure that they have ready access to their data in case we have a hardware failure. However such cases occur occasionally.
  • For safety reasons we advice our customers not to share their password of their e-mail/hosting/ftp accounts to anyone. In case passwords and user names are to be given to employees, we suggest to change the password immediately.
  • There is no provision of refund in Hamara Hosting for any products under any circumstance.
  • Users should also maintain their payment confirmation details that have been paid to us for activation of orders. It is also advisable to maintain the backup of our first mail which is sent to you after activation of your order and contains your user ID and password. By using these details we will be able to provide you Technical/billing support and activation/renew/control panel/reset password facility etc.
  • We would like to update that we have stopped all kinds of instant order activation and instant registration of domains. We have taken this step due to various fraud and hacking activities evolving in cyber world. Please ignore such type of message if it is mentioned in any web pages in our website. As we have to check manually the payment and domain availability it takes some time. Hope you can understand the emergency of the cyber law and will co-operate us to the maximum level.
  • If you had made the payment through payment gateway and the payment gateway company has declared your payment as fraud then account will be suspended and the domain name will be deleted immediately without any prior notice. If you are clearing your payment by speaking with payment gateway company then we will reactive the hosting and register the domain if the domain name is available.
  • For plan details and services of Hamara Hosting please refer to the website as the most valid reference. Any commitment made by our employees over phone/chat/mail or by any other mode which is not mentioned in the website will not be abide.
  • If any client is not using the hosting service from Hamara Hosting the client must send the cancellation request in company letter head to our company by post or courier. If you fail Hamara Hosting will charge the renewal amount every year.
  • Unfortunately if the server or website is slow then we are not responsible for the loses faced by the client.
  • Customers cannot run IRC, bots or clients.
  • At any given point of time Hamara Hosting reserves the right to alter or discontinue some materials on the website which may include some features as well as content.
  • Unauthorized access of this website my lead to a claim for damages and be treated as a criminal offense.
  • All disputes are subject to Hyderabad jurisdiction only.
  • Once the deal is agreed and the work is commenced, you must leave all the work to us, you must consult us before making any alteration to your site.
Note: We reserve the right at our discretion to make changes to this policy at any time. Please review this page periodically for changes. If you have any queries concerning the above stated terms and conditions then please Contact us.

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